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Human slavery has always existed; with the popularity of social media the awareness of human trafficking is gaining recognition throughout the world and we are now recognizing its prevalence in the United States. As healthcare and mental health professionals it is essential that we acquire the knowledge, training, and skills in conjunction with human trafficking; this course will increase your level of awareness and knowledge about human trafficking and exploitation. 

Note: This course meets or exceeds the criteria outlined in S.464.013,F.S. and the MQA for 2 CEU in human trafficking. 

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This course by Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) was designed for orientation of the new CPE student at AdventHealth. This course will orient CPE Students to Mandatory Facts for competent care, participation on the clinical care team, and the basic standards of care and communication to ensure a good patient experience. It also will review safety information in conjunction with infection control measures, HIPAA Regulations, safety codes and their appropriate responses. 

NOTE: This is a requirement for all new CPE students serving within the AdventHealth System.

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This course by Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) was designed for new CPE students at Florida Hospital. This course will give an overview of Advance Directives as they address end of life issues. It also will define various terms associated with Advance Directives and how to assist patients in completing Advance Directive forms in the hospital. 

NOTE: This is a requirement for all new CPE Students serving within the Florida Hospital Central Region.

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This course by clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) was designed for orientation of the new CPE student at Florida Hospital. This course will orient CPE Students to sexual misconduct. Our mission stresses respect for our bodies, minds, and spirits as wonders of God's creation. Sexual misconduct is an affront to the dignity of the human person and inconsistent with principles of Christian professionalism. 

The Adventist University of Health Sciences along with Husch Blackwell LLP have joined together in presenting this program as an awareness to students, faculty, and staff about sexual misconduct. Our goal is to keep all of our campuses a safe place without the threat or fear of sexual misconduct. This training will provide you with information about identifying sexual misconduct, policies the campuses have implemented to prevent sexual misconduct, things you can do to keep you and your friends safe, and resources that are available.

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This course is designed to assist those working toward certification with the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. an affiliate of the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC).  The course focuses primarily on assisting the chaplain in the preparation of the 4 essays required which cover all 31 Common Qualifications and Competencies for Professional Chaplains. 

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This course is an introduction for clergy/chaplains in the frequently occurring ethical facets found in the hospital/health care setting. This module addresses factors that influence individuals as they make health care decisions for themselves or for those in their care and how as spiritual care providers, we can walk alongside them and minister during ethical decision-making. In addition, the course offers an understanding of the basic ethical principles that are encountered by providers and individuals in the health care setting.
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This course is an introduction for clergy/chaplains to the history and major resources of bioethical decision-making, including some standing bioethical debates as they relate to health care. This course will also address some of the historical and modern-day codes and theories of medical ethics. This course will challenge your thinking regarding what is a “good” or “bad” ethical approach.

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Forgiveness facilitation is one of many therapies currently incorporated in holistic healthcare practice. Training in facilitating forgiveness in patients is not readily accessible. As Christians we understand the overwhelming need for forgiveness both for our salvation and relationship with God and others, but during this course, you'll not only see the spiritual importance, but the physical reality of forgiveness as well.This course will provide you with the practical steps in facilitating forgiveness. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to recognize, express, and apply techniques to show patients how to forgive; research has shown that forgiveness lowers blood pressure and calms the heart rate.

Forgive to Live: How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life offers a clear road-map that spells out how people can find health and wholeness by forgiving the ones who have hurt them. Regardless of race, creed, color, or background everyone has been hurt by someone in the the past and needs to learn how to forgive (not just be told to forgive). Forgive to Live isn't just a catchy title or memorable slogan; it describes an effective way to function in an unfair world that can give you peace and joy that so far may have eluded you.