Online CE and Professional Development

All Physical Therapy

Nursing CE: 1.50
Price: $25.00
Expires: 2/15/2026

This course presents three (3) client case studies highlighting interprofessional collaboration and interventions that address the client challenges of having multiple chronic conditions with limited resources. These case studies stem from real life experiences at the AdventHealth University's Hope Clinic (AHU-HC). The Hope Clinic is a place that welcomes individuals, without rehabilitation treatment options, to receive free wholistic care while contributing to students' interprofessional educational experiences. 

Nursing CE: 2.00
Price: $20.00
Expires: 1/1/2026

Human slavery has always existed; with the popularity of social media the awareness of human trafficking is gaining recognition throughout the world and we are now recognizing its prevalence in the United States. As healthcare and mental health professionals it is essential that we acquire the knowledge, training, and skills in conjunction with human trafficking; this course will increase your level of awareness and knowledge about human trafficking and exploitation.

This course meets or exceeds the criteria outlined in S.464.013,F.S. and the MQA for 2 CEU in human trafficking.

Nursing CE: 2.00
Imaging CE: 3.00
Price: $13.50
Expires: 10/15/2025

This course fulfills the 2-hour Medical Errors requirement for license renewal. The content focus is on medical errors and their effects on patient safety. Using multi-causal analysis, you will be able to recognize error prone situations and processes and identify factors that impact the occurrence of these errors to improve patient outcomes.

This course has been approved by an MQA Board and fulfills the renewal and disciplinary continuing education requirements for 2 hours of Medical Errors as required for state licensing in the State of Florida - 64B9-5.011, F.A.C.