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CE: 3.00
Price: $25.00

This course will be defining chronic conditions, as seen at the Hope Clinic in Orlando, Florida and the quality of life in terms of community living with limited resources. This course is for nursing, physical therapists, and occupational therapists and offers an interprofessional focus in addressing a wide variety of chronic conditions affecting individual/family daily functions and quality of life.

CE: 1.00
Price: $15.00
Expires: 6/1/2024
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Compassion fatigue knows no boundaries and is prevalent to all caregivers who care for those with chronic illness, acute emergent illnesses like they see in ICU, ED, PICU, NICU, and step-down units and their families. It is the very act of caring, giving of ourselves, that makes us susceptible to the probability of experiencing compassion fatigue. These difficult scenarios include having to give bad news, experiencing the death of patients, having intense interactions with patients, and high level of job responsibility that lead to secondary traumatic stress and burnout. More often than not as they continually give of themselves in these difficult and traumatic situations in repetitive fashion, their compassion satisfaction begins to decline, questioning their meaning.

In this 60-minute course, we will uncover the phenomenon called “Compassion Fatigue” and how it relates to you. 

CE: 2.00
Price: $30.00
Expires: 1/1/2024
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Human slavery has always existed; with the popularity of social media the awareness of human trafficking is gaining recognition throughout the world and we are now recognizing its prevalence in the United States. As healthcare and mental health professionals it is essential that we acquire the knowledge, training, and skills in conjunction with human trafficking; this course will increase your level of awareness and knowledge about human trafficking and exploitation. Includes accreditation for: FL Board of Respiratory Care; FL Board of Occupational Therapy; FL Council of Dietetics and Nutrition; FL Council of Licensed Midwifery and FL Board of Athletic Training.

Note: This course meets or exceeds the criteria outlined in S.464.013,F.S. and the MQA for 2 CEU in human trafficking.

CE: 2.00
Price: $25.00
Expires: 8/1/2023
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Physical and occupational therapists currently rely upon a pathoanatomic diagnostic process during patient/client management of adults with shoulder pain, yet research indicates that patient impairments and functional limitations are often unrelated to the presence or absence of pathoanatomical findings.  This course will introduce the STAR-Shoulder classification system and explain how this approach facilitates the patient/client management model as described in the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.

This program is accredited by CAPTE and provided by the AdventHealth University Department of Physical Therapy and upon successful completion the participant will receive 2 CEUs.