System Requirements

Browsers and operating systems are constantly being updated with improvements, new features and security patches. At echelon, we strive to keep up with these changes and, while our courses may work with older browsers and operating systems, we cannot guarantee compatibility with older systems. 


We officially support the latest version of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. We strongly encourage you to keep your operating system and browser as up to date as possible. 

Operating System

We periodically test our courses in supported browsers on computers running Windows and MacOS. Please be aware that both Microsoft and Apple routinely end their support of older operating systems (for example, Windows XP and Vista, MacOS El Capitan, Yosemite, etc) and we do not test our courses on these unsupported operating systems. 

Mobile Devices

Our courses are periodically tested on a variety of mobile phones and tablets running iOS and Android. While there are far too many different devices out there for us to test on, we strive to test on a representative sample of mobile devices running the latest version of both operating systems. 

Internet Connection

For stable video playback in our courses, we recommend your internet connection provide bandwidth of 5 Mbps or faster. The videos in our courses are designed for HD (high definition) playback, but if your internet connection is slow, video resolution may automatically be reduced to a lower resolution in order to continue uninterrupted streaming of the video. Inadequate internet connection speeds may also result in pausing of video playback.


The videos in our courses do have sound, so your device will need to support sound with speakers or headphones. Please note that due to the vast number of different hardware configurations available in desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone devices, we are unable to provide specifications for minimum hardware requirements.