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Grieving and Loss

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We are all aware that life is filled with changes - nothing seems to stay the same for very long. Death is an unavoidable fact of life. Regardless of whether a death was expected, when it happens there is the shock of finality. We will introduce you to the three prominent theories that hold sway today as we look at the "Five Stages Theory" which outlines the sequential steps of coping and adjustment, the four trajectories built on the premise that humans are resilient, and the Dual Process Theory in which we vacillate between facing and avoiding our loss.

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  1. Describe several theories of grief.
  2. Understand the phases of mourning.
  3. Assess a faith community member's reaction to grief.
  4. List unique challenges in differing death situations and circumstances.
  5. Provide tailored grief support to differing age groups.
  6. Facilitate healthy grieving by helping in healthy tasks of mourning.
  7. Make appropriate referrals to support facilitating the grieving process.

Qualified Planners/Faculty

P. Gage Gwyn, Ph.D., APRN-BC, CNS, OCN, FCN

Priscilla "Gage" Gwyn is an adult oncology nurse practitioner at the Ambulatory Infusion Center at AdventHealth in Greater Orlando (formerly Florida Hospital).  Dr. Gwyn received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from the SUNY Brockport College of Nursing in New York and her Master of Science in nursing with Adult Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist certificates from Duke University College of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina.  She then received her PhD in Nursing from the Barry University, Division of Nursing, in Miami Shores, Florida.  She has lectured on the care of patients with hematologic malignancies and has initiated, coordinated, and facilitated monthly support groups at several practice locations in Florida.  She is nationally published and is a current member of the Oncology Nursing Society, Society of NeuroOncology, and Greater Orlando Hematology Oncology Physician Extenders.


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