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CMI-06: Cultural Diversity

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Perspectives are explored through cultural expressions in songs, stories, and images. This course does not attempt to cover all cultural groups but rather to practice story-listening as a process of discovery.

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Practice story-listening as a means of understanding another.
  2. Explore how cultural and religious experience influence coping, meaning-making, medical decision-making and attitudes.
  3. Explore how cultural stories, songs and imagery can express philosophy, theology, ethics, hopes, dreams, fears, values - all valuable insights in understnding, assessing, and caring for patients.
  4. Build intercultural competence; including understanding of patients' different worldviews.
  5. Acknowledge variety of expression, even within like cultures.

Qualified Planners/Faculty

Alisha Edwards, MDiv, ACPE Certified Educator Candidate

Alisha is a commissioned Seventh-day Adventist minister and chaplain educator at AdventHealth, Center for Pastoral Education. She is also a Florida native, a wife and mother of four.

Prior to her call to full time ministry, Alisha worked in Online Content Marketing. She received a BA in Mass Communication: Advertising from the university of South Florida, and an MDiv with specialization in Pastoral Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary. She began her ministry in chaplaincy and Clinical Pastoral Education at t Level 1 Trauma & Regional Burn Center in Tampa, Florida, with a focus on trauma/crisis intervention, oncology, acute elderly care and pediatric care.

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Orlando, Florida 32803
Phone: 407-303-5297
Contact Hours: 1, Category: Diversity, Expires: 10/31/2021
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