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Everywhere we look in our environment today there is construction. What is the impact on our patients safety? On our safety? This course will open your eyes as to how the construction environment is just now learning the impact of  the factors regarding infection control, emerging infectious diseases in the built-in environment, air and waterborne pathogens, MRSA, and exposure of risks during construction for healthcare facilities. This is the first in a series of courses in relation to Risk Management for Infection Control for all individuals involved with healthcare construction. This first course is intended as an overview and review of this very serious topic. The additional courses in this series will provide more detailed components of the ICRA or Infection Control Risk Assessment process offered through The Linders Health Institute.

This course is accredited by ASHRAE and the USGBC for 1 credit.

Accreditors: American Board of Industrial Hygiene, American Institute of Architects, ASHRAE, Green Building Institute, Green Business Certification Inc., Institute of Inspection