ECG and Basic Dysrhythmias Assessment Pre-Test

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This assessment provides a benchmark and measures the following fundamentals:

  1. Basic cardiac anatomy, physiology, and electrophysiology including heart structure and function, leads and waveforms, and ECG strip analysis;
  2. ECG rhythms: sinus, junctional, ventricular, and heart block rhythms in terms of their identification criteria, causes, and appropriate treatment protocol;
  3. Treatment and pharmacologics: use, dosage, guidelines, and clinical impact of the drugs discussed.
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Pre-Assessment Measures Your:

(Voluntary completion provides you with a benchmark of personal assessment and 1-CE)

  1. Current level of knowledge, comprehension, and application of ECG and dysrhythmias;
  2. Prior knowledge comprehension;
  3. Assessment of your skill level of application; and
  4. Strengths and weaknesses in your current clinical expertise of ECG and basic dysrhythmias.

Stacey Hawes, MSN, RN, PCCN

Stacey currently is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Adventist University of Health Sciences. Previously she served as a Critical Care Program Training Coordinator for all seven campuses of the Florida Hospital System. Stacey received her BSN degree from Florida State University and her MSN degree from the University of Central Florida with a focus as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. She has more than 15 years experience in critical and progressive care delivery. She is an author, speaker, and trainer and has certification with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses in progressive care (PCCN).

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Leslye Russell, BSN, RN

Leslye Russell retired from a full-time nursing career in 2008, yet remains active as an on-call Educational Specialist with the Center for Nursing Education, at Florida Hospital. Leslye is also a part-time faculty member at Florida Hospital's American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center. She initially received her RN diploma from Butler County Memorial Hospital, later returning to Florida Southern College for her BSN. Leslye has over 25 years of experience in the areas of cardiovascular surgery and cardiology. She is an author, teacher, and mentor.

This author has disclosed that there are neither conflicts of interest nor commercial affiliation with this activity.

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