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CMI-01: Empathetic Listening

Price: $50.00 CE: 1.00

In order to understand what is being communicated, one needs to listen. Do you know the difference between listening and hearing? Are you an empathic listener or just someone who hears others?

This program will be covering the Four Listening Styles:

  • Appreciative Listening - listening for the enjoyment of the conversation, performance or sounds.
  • Critical Listening - listening to comprehend ideas and information in order to schieve a specific purpose or goal.
  • Deliberative Listenng - listening to understand, analyze, and evaluate.
  • Empathic or Relational - listening for understanding, feelings, emotions, and participating in relationship.

Upon successful completion of this activity the participant will be able to:

  1. Articulate types of listening.
  2. Distinguish between hearing and listening.
  3. Apply skills that will equip them to be more effective listeners.
  4. Demonstrate competencies.

Qualified Planners/Faculty

Mark Stoddart, M.Div., MBA

Mark is the Administrative Director for Spiritual Wellness at AdventHealth, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. He is an Ordained Seventh-day Adventist Pastor. At the time of preparing this learning resource, he had served AdventHealth for a little more than 12 years, five of those years as a full-time hospital chaplain at Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs Florida. He has worked in critical care, oncology, orthopedics, mother/baby and the emergency room settings. His prior experiences included 10 years as a parish pastor, leading congregations in Maryland and South New Jersey. The first ten years of his working life was spent in sales. All of his careers and interest in grief support requires skills in the area of listening.

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Orlando, Florida 32803
Phone: 407-303-5297
Contact Hours: 1, Category: Listening, Expires: 10/31/2021
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