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CE: 2.00Price: $25.00

Regardless of whether a death was expected, when it happens there is the shock of finality. In this course we will confront the reality of death, and discuss various aspects of how we cope with it in a wholistic and realistic way to minimize the emotional and psychological damage done by the loss. In addition, we will look at some differing aspects and situations that arise when death occurs. Our purpose is to find ways to help those who are struggling with a death to face it honestly and directly, make the necessary adjustments to come to grips with "the new normal", and go on in life despite the radically changed landscape.

CE: 2.00Price: $20.00

This course assists FCNs to boost their knowledge and awareness of scripture and prayer resources to reinforce their familiarity and comfort with offering prayer and utilizing prayer more effectively in their wholistic health ministry. The second half of the course is a dynamic video presentation that uses parables and biblical stories to illustrate the negative effects of resentments and grievances. Negative physiological effects of emotional states are presented and the behaviors that block forgiveness are highlighted. FCNs can integrate the content to assist in removing these barriers within their faith communities, thereby elevating the wholistic health of their congregations. 

NOTE: This accredited course satisfies 2.25 of the 30 hours of CE required in this specialty area needed to apply for National Certification as a Faith Community Nurse as offered by ANCC.