Radiation Safety and Health Effects
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Hospital, Sunshine City, Minnesota
Presenter(s): Mr. Really Smart
Registration Fee: TBA
The Radiation Safety and Health Effects education program objective is to educate nuclear medicine technologists and other healthcare professionals seeking to learn more about the topic. The program will cover topics from the discovery of radiation, through its early uses. In addition, the course will also cover the impact of medical radiation on both patients and medical workers and the postings required ion Nuclear Medicine clinical areas. Will will also review how different radiation procedures impact human health and the many attempts that our industry has taken, in tandem with regulations, to reduce and control radiation exposure rates.
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The Upside of Failure
November 14, 2018
7:00 PM
Florida Hospital Church
Presenter(s): Stephanie Bowman
Registration Fee: FREE!
What can we learn from failure? Stephanie Bowman took her struggles in life. Failures that left her down and out became the dreams that gave her strength, dreams that soon became a reality when she started One Heart for Women and Children. Stephanie has been a Parenting Instructor for 10 years; having taken extensive training by Hanley-Hazelden and Active Parenting Now, is certified in The Children's Learning Place with specialties in teambuilding, self-esteem-building and effective communications. Stephanie has accumulated over 10-,000 hours in volunteer services with various non-profit organizations whose focus is to strengthen the lives of women and children. She is active in her church community and brings compassion, wisdom and experience into all of her teaching opportunities.
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